Image by Jon Stone

Matthew Joseph Haigh is a poet from Cardiff, Wales.

His first poem was published in the autumn issue of Poetry Wales magazine, 2009, and since then he’s continued to have work published in a range of magazines, anthologies and websites.

His poems have appeared in such established publications as Poetry London, Magma and The Guardian. His first work to appear in an anthology was a poem themed around the 2005 computer game Shadow of the Colossus. Published by Sidekick Books, Coin Opera II: Fulminare’s Revenge, featured a whole range of gaming-inspired poetry.

Matthew’s first poem for children, The Cauldron of Knowledge, features in the 2015 anthology Falling Out of the Sky, published by The Emma Press. He also has work forthcoming in further anthologies from Sidekick Books and The Emma Press in 2017.

Matthew completed a Foundation Art & Design Diploma in 2004 and a degree in Graphic Communication in 2007. He volunteered for Oxfam, worked for a national charity and currently works for the NHS. His other interests include illustration, children’s books and YA novels, and computer games that focus on creativity and beauty rather than death and destruction.

You can follow him on Twitter.


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