Recently Read: Meet My Maker/ The Mad Molecule

J.P Donleavy’s collection of offbeat stories reads like the most isolated of minds meandering through modern life completely unsure of what to do with itself. The narrators in these tales are likely to have their whole outlooks tipped by any seemingly inconsequential moment. A man who enjoys tennis suddenly finds in actual fact tennis makes him feel despairingly sad. The isolated courts painted pink by dusk, the strange ballet of the sport itself… Elsewhere, a man goes into a restaurant believing he can do whatever he likes because he owns a pair of fetching peach coloured shoes. The whole collection feels somehow unfinished; these are fragments of stories, but all the more wonderful for it. A great swathe of them also read more like prose poems, with the emphasis given over to striking imagery rather than narrative, and erratic tragi-comic rhyme. One of the many highlights is the tale of a man trying to get through life never saying anything more than “beep”. Strange, lost and sweet.



I’ve just had a poem published over at etcetera., which is shaping up to be a great looking blog. There are lots of other great poems on there too, so it’s worth checking out!


This is a space dedicated purely to the two passions in my life, poetry and short fiction. I’ve formerly kept a blog under the banner of blue horse, and ended up cluttering it with forays into video game journalism, rants about B-Movies of the 50s, and other odds and ends not primarily concerned with creative writing. And so, this site will be a distillation of writing, where you can read samples of my work and be kept up to date with recent publications. Please feel free to look around. Read, enjoy, and get in touch!

Matt Haigh